Jesús Rascón

design, animation and data

Founder and creator of the Design Bits channel, where we talk about computational design. All things art, but make it digital.

I am currently a Technical Producer of sorts at Graphext, arguably the fastest and most powerful analytics tool there is available in the market.

I've also worked as a freelance technical content creator with channels like Veritasium and Reducible, crafting animations earning +60 million impressions.

I am also avid bass player, and overall chord enjoyer. Check it out at HSX.

The Stuff™

Non exhaustive list of silly things I've built. No promises.

Experience & Background

A little sum up of the path I've followed so far


Design Engineer, Content Creation

This one is funny because Alex, one of my best friends, got to meet Victoriano, CEO @ Graphext. Alex put us in contact and it turns out we get on very well. Eventually, I got to meet the team at their beautiful office in Madrid.

Long story short, I am now captivated by the product and leading the Small Details Team™ as well as producing some content for them.

Prisms of Reality

Technical Content Creator

In June, 2023, I joined the incredible Prisms team as a technical content creator, helping create explainer video assets in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemsitry and sciences.

These videos help kids get around the game and understand complex concepts in an accessible, fun way.

Design Bits


Around March, 2023 I created the Design Bits channel, to talk about computational design. Much of the influence I've gathered from past experiences can be easily picked up in this project.

We discuss the inner workings of the tools designers use daily in a hopefully accessible and attractive manner.

Graphic Design, Video Production, Music Production and Programming are disciplines that I want to keep as close to my heart as possible. This channel is a successful attempt at doing so. Every asset, animation, song or sound effect is created from scratch, in my room. Being able to control the interplay between all the elements makes me incredibly happy.

'22 Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code Contributor

In June, 2022 I proposed the Processing Foundation –through the GSOC program– a very important change to the p5.js library that had been asked for ages: native GIF export.

The p5.js community is largely stablished in Twitter, where GIF sharing was the main way for artists to show their works in progress, as well as the finished pieces.

But GIF exporting was very cumbersome, usually requiring the user to download every single frame as a png for later composition, or using tools that either did not work properly or needed an unreasonable amount of setup.

I am very proud to say that we managed to create this feature and make it as easy as it's ever been to download a GIF from your sketch.


Art Direction & Animation Engineering

My journey as a freelancer was blessed when I joined the Reducible youtube channel as an Art Director and Animator. Nipun, the creator and founder of the channel, gave me the most welcoming time and we formed a team to improve the channel from the ground up.

This project really holds a special place in my heart, since I was so early in my career but still, he trusted me and allowed me to explore and exploit all the possibilities. No judgement, no bullshit, just vibes and code.

Helped develop a clearer brand identity to the channel, helping it stand out among a rapidly growing community of educational math channels.

Animation engineering comes from the fact that all animations were made through code.


I guess every role?

In September, 2021 I started my career as a freelancer. I had just come out of my masters and had absolutely no idea nor properly developed skill. The only thing I had clear was to avoid joining some generic big corporation to do lame stuff as hard as I possibly could.

During this time, I worked with the Veritasium team as an animation engineer, making mathematical animations in Manim. This would shape the rest of my career as I would choose this path onwards and specialize in this branch of content creation.

I also started my career as a design engineer, something I didn't know at the time. I started tinkering with Next.js and Svelte and made some websites for fun and for my local university.

MSc Data Science

Masters in Data Science @ University of Granada

Got my masters in Data Science through the year of 2020. Learned that you won't need much more than a simple linear regression in 90% of the cases you have to estimate some data. I also got a lot into data visualization and design.

BSc Computer Science

Bachelors in Computer Science @ University of Jaén

From 2016 through 2020 I completed my degree in Computer Science. I didn't have a great time during the first years, I was really bad at algorithms, math and hardcore programming in general. It wouldn't be until 3rd year that I started to take off and enjoy the process.

Today I can very confidently say that programming, algorithms and math make me very happy. Not an obvious choice, but probably the right one.

Music studies

I basically started playing guitar

At some point during the summer of 2013 I managed to convice mom to buy me a guitar. Sometime later I started attending guitar lessons from one of the best teachers I will ever know, Yeye.

Like many other things, this would completely fill up my mind and change my entire life, but I didn't know that yet.