Singing and Harmony

9 Jun 2021

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Some days ago (since the creation of this post) I uploaded a new video which I am very proud of. It is a song cover by El Jose and El Kanka, two andalusian singers and songwriters known for their incredible taste in mixing modern elements with the traditional andalusian sound. You can check the original song here, but I much prefer this live, more raw version.

My take on it was much more influenced by the second option as you may see. I went for the same exact sound: just voice and my lovely guitalele.

When finished, I thought I would add some more voices to spicy it up. I might have gone a bit too far, but honestly I regret nothing. There is nothing I love more than singing and even more so if it means reharmonizing a beautiful song such as this one.

Anyways, here you have my version. Hope you enjoy it!