Motivation and persistence

5 Jun 2021

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One bad habit almost every artist and creative has gone (or is going) through is not finishing their projects. It is very common to have sudden wips of inspiration, start working very hard on the idea for about 30 minutes and then abandon it when they find themselves stuck.

To be able to break free from that is definitely no easy task.

This is just a reminder. If you are into something, finish it. Always remember that only you can define what finished looks, sounds or feels like. But the important thing is to be honest with yourself and say: “it is finished”.

The rewards from this exercise are, in my opinion, invaluable. Being able to stick to something for over a year to finish it, to make it as close to perfect as possible, not only leaves you with the final product and the pride that you hold from it. It also teaches you lots of things about yourself. Like a long-term relationship with the other you.

Learning is an infinite process, but learning about yourself only takes a lifetime.