Tired from my dreams

3 Oct 2021

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These days I’ve had a lot of work. I’ve made lots of progress but also felt very tired, and inspired by some other projects that distracted me from doing what I am supposed (or I guess, required) to do.

After thinking about my situation for a bit today while having a nap, I’ve come to some conclusions.

I am currently working in literally something I love: math-flavored content creation and animation. I am doing this with people that I really admire and look up to. It is really a dream come true. Being able to participate in rather big productions related to science is something I would’ve never expected if asked… 5 months ago? Kinda crazy.

Lately, though, I’ve been a bit more tired. Probably because I’ve started exercising, (long due), or probably because I’ve been retouching and perfecting the same animation all over again and that makes you feel a bit worn out. So procrastination kicks in and you probably know the rest.

The fact that I am working in such an important project for me makes being tired completely non-sensical. I would literally do this in my spare time… what is going on?

The answer is pretty simple: just because it is that important doesn’t mean it can, at times, get hard, boring or whatever bad thing that you may want to add. And that’s okay. It is a notification from your body and mind, saying that you should probably rest and do something else. You would have not made much progress if you continued on it, anyways.

Fortunately, the team hasn’t asked for the animations needed yet, so I still have time, and they would probably be very thoughtful and kind about it. That does not worry me at all. It also does not worry me because I trust myself, I know I can do it, and, ultimately, I know I want to do it. I’m not going to let them down by any means.

Final recap is to not feel bad about needing a rest, even from your dreams.