Hi! I am Jesús, a video producer, web developer, graphic designer and musician.

I really enjoy all things art, but make it digital. That's why I mainly focus on researching about computer graphics or experimenting with blend modes.

Google's Summer of Code Contributor, Processing Foundation
July 2022 — September 2022
  • Successful contributor for the Processing Foundation, building a native an easy implementation to save GIFs right from the p5.js library
  • Implemented custom logic to save the GIFs in the most efficient way possible. You can read more here
  • Huge focus on teamwork, communication and iterative development through Github
  • Check the merged pull request here
Art director and mathematical animator at Reducible
November 2021 — Present
  • Creation and production of insightful, computer science based animations and designs as part of Reducible's team
  • Using Manim to develop incredibly powerful and detailed explanations about CS concepts in an attractive visual way
Freelance mathematical animator at Veritasium
Total of 3 videos
  • Created engaging animations earning views as part of the Veritasium Creative team
  • Using Manim to create beautiful, captivating animations about mathematical concepts
  • Worked closely with the team developing a great sense of teamwork and learning how to apply feedback to the work
  • More of the work I've done as a freelancer can be found in my Portfolio as well as my Blog, for a deeper dive on some concepts
Data analyst and engineer
January 2021 — May 2021
Universidad de Jaén
  • Helped shedding a light on how the concept of biodiversity is understood in social media
  • Pre-processing and engineering of NLP based datasets.
  • Helped supporting management's decision making regarding sales using ggplot2 in R
  • Data labeling through machine learning based clustering algorithms, using Python, Spacy and NLTK
Intern data engineer
September 2019 — May 2020
Universidad de Jaén
  • Assisting and learning in the process of gathering and arranging data
  • Built tools for client tracking and management
MSc in Data Science
September 2020 — Jun 2021
Universidad de Granada
  • Thesis in NLP based transformer to generate medical comments and evaluate the performance of state of the art medical-text classifiers
  • GPA 8.5/10
  • Coding of advanced data mining algorithms using Python and R
  • Tidyverse, ggplot2, Spacy, Keras/Tensorflow
  • Statistical models, regression, fuzzy logic, data mining algorithms, clustering and classification
BSc in Computer Science
September 2016 — Jun 2020
Universidad de Jaén
  • Maximum grade in bachelor's thesis building a convolutional autoencoder to detect anomalies in images for the WWF using Tensorflow and OpenCV
  • GPA of 7.5/10 and passed with honors Image Processing and Data Engineering
  • Data structures and Algorithms using C++ and Python, Artificial Intelligence, Operating Systems