Zenith's backstory


Music has (not) always a crucial part of my life, even subconciously. I remember telling mum I wanted to pick up guitar, just because I was discovering things I liked to hear, and I wanted to be part of it! Long before that, I mostly despised music, in the sense that it didnt attract me at all. That is the (not) at the beginning.

Since that moment, I took off on a journey that would very much completely change my whole life. I started to learn music theory with the help of one of the best teachers and partners I have EVER had and improvise and compose.

From here, music started to feel like an unknown map with only a small portion uncovered. The way to get to these lands was not through intense practicing, but rather learning other kinds of music making. That is: other instruments and the guts of music making: production.

Little by little I learned how to play bass fluently, understood the basics of piano and chord voicings and how a drumfill should sound —and most importantly— feel. This led to translating all these kinds of ideas into the computer.

During all this time, as I was able to put my hands on more things and watch years worth of youtube videos, something started to sparkle. I knew that when I was older, I would make an album, or two. I pictured myself in a big studio, full of equipment ready to rock. That made me feel very excited and kept me motivated.

One beautiful day, I decided to go out with my beloved friend for a walk and chat about very important things, as we usually do. This topic shows up and he asks a very simple, genuine question: what stops you from making an album right now?

I freeze for a moment. Reflect on all the things I knew and had, and very gently I say: nothing.

Absolutely nothing stopped me to make an album! I had music theory knowledge, lots of equipment (guitars, bass, midi controllers, audio interfaces, a computer) and knew how to record, barely knew how to mix and had no idea on how to master a track. But all that is more, much more than enough!

The next logical step falls easily: then, why dont you make one?

That very evening I sat at the computer and started making this album, which I am very proud of.

In another post I'll explain everything behind the ideas and the decisions made through the process.