Picture of Jesús Rascón
Credits: © Alex Catena

Hi! My name is Jesús and I am an Andalusian mathematical animator, data scientist, designer and musician. I like to explore all kinds of new disciplines and search for relationships between them. I am deeply fascinated by the process of learning and my main goal in life is to return to the internet what the internet gave me.

I studied Computer Science at the University of Jaén and have a Master's in Data Science by the University of Granada.

On the topic of mixing disciplines, the data visualization and science communication fields very elegantly mix some of my favourites: problem solving, data, graphic design and narrative. Finding good data to mine and process and offer a piece of valuable information to the world literally boils me from excitement.

Finally, I have been studying music since 2013, when I first picked up guitar. Later in the process, I learned bass, keys, drums, and the piece that glues it all: music production. I have given lots of concerts with many bands, sang lots of happy and sad songs and even made an album! You can check me out here.

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